Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photos of Greyfriar's, Leicester

From correspondent Andy McDonald, a fascinating set of photos in response to an old article, "In Search of Greyfriars, from the American Branch website. Richard III's body was reputed to have been buried in the churchyard at Greyfriars prior to (possibly) having been exhumed and thrown in the nearby River Soar.

Comments on the locations and their significance are welcome. And many thanks to Andy for reaching out to us.

From Andy's email:

  • Leicester Cathedral, the Catholic Church of St Martin (numerous images)
  • Leicester Guildhall (whitewashed wood framed building very close to the cathedral) Dating from 1390.
  • Greyfriars (street level view)
  • Excavation at Greyfriars, showing stonework (age unknown)
  • Various street level photos of Greyfriars and Friar Lane as well as New
  • Street (opposite cathedral), Peacock Lane etc.
  • Gated car park at rear of buildings on Greyfriars
The modern day bridges on the east side of Leicester city are all on the sites of the ancient bridges in medieval maps of Leicester. Close to the mid-19th century wall plaque regarding the remains of Richard III is a bridge on the site of the Bow Bridge, on which is mounted a plaque regarding the hitting of his head on the bridge whilst draped across his horse. This bridge is almost directly across from Castle Gardens, where the Motte & Bailey castle was sited (and the Motte is still there, although it was topped with a bowling green in Victorian times). I believe that RIII stayed here in his way to the Battle of Bosworth (although it was Leicester castle by this time, built on the site of the motte and bailey castle)

Andy has offered to take additional photos. Comments on this post and the content of the linked photos, are welcomed. Suggestions for Andy for additional photos, too!

More photos here. Related link: David Baldwin on Richard's grave here [Adobe Acrobat file].


Andy McDonald said...

Image 77 shows the junction of Grey Friars and Friar Lane, the place where the house of Robert Herick stood.

Andy McDonald said...

Image 65 shows the St Martins end of New Street, which is opposite the Leicester Cathedral (St Martins Church). This street is seperated from the church yard by Peacock Lane.

Andy McDonald said...

Image 73 shows the rear of the buildings at the St Martins end of Grey Friars, and would have been part of the greyfriars church grounds, and later part of the grounds of Robert Hericks house.

It is approximately 150 yards from the Leicester Catheral (st martins church). This picture was taken from Peacock Lane.